Day 2

Art Blizzard Bag Assignments Day 2: Human Observations

PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT DRAWING IS LABELED WITH NAME, DATE AND CLASS, CLEARLY ON THE BACK!  Use the piece of white in your folder to complete the assignment. If you do not have a clean piece of paper use the back of the direction sheet Day 2 folder!

Kindergarten: Draw a portrait of a family member. A portrait is a picture of a person’s face. Include a neck and shoulders. Use a pencil on unlined white paper. Computer printing paper would work well if you have it.

1) Start by drawing an “oval” that is placed “vertically” on your paper.
2) Add details to your drawing: eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, eyebrows, and clothing.
3) Add a pattern to your clothing if you wish.
4) Add color if you have either crayons, marker, watercolor or colored pencils.
5) Add things to the background of your picture: a window, a door, a chair, a picture on the
  wall, (whatever you see in the room or in your imagination).

Grades 1 and 2: Create a Portrait of a Whole Person’s Body Combining Collage and Drawing
1) Find a newspaper, magazine, or any printed scrap paper in your house with a person’s
    head on it. Cut out the head with scissors if you have them. Glue or tape the head to the
    upper part of an unlined white paper.
2) With a pencil draw a body with clothing of your choice.  Use as much imagination as you
   can. Think about weather, time of day, place, and year. Past, present or future?  Does your
   person live in a castle?  Does your person need an umbrella?  Make the picture tell a story.
3) Add color if you have it: crayons, watercolor, markers, colored pencils.
4) Add details to your background that help to tell your story.
(If you don’t have magazine or a newspaper then draw a face of someone in your family then follow directions 2 - 4.)

Grades 3-6: Creative Drawing, Giving Human Qualities to Non-Human Objects
Look around your house and try to see how everyday objects might come to life with human qualities in a creative drawing that you make.  Does a brush sometimes look like a head with hair?  Do scissors sometimes look like a bird with an opening and closing mouth?   You are already familiar with characters created from everyday objects. “Sponge Bob” might be the most famous.

1) After spending some time looking around your house at objects, choose one or more to draw and create a personality for it.  Does your character have clothing that suggests a job? What kind
  of clothes would a hammer wear?  How does your character move? Does your character
  have tools,  toys or props?
2) With pencil, a straight edge  and a piece of white unlined paper create a picture with at least
  four boxes in which to draw. In each box draw your character in four different ways.
  Examples: walking, eating, sleeping, using a tool, driving, etc.
3) Draw details in your background that will give your character a world in which to live.
  Try to develop a theme the way “Sponge Bob” has the ocean as a theme.
4) Add color if you have it, watercolor, crayon, marker or colored pencil.